Tesla's New Facility Is In Lothrop, California

Tesla's New Facility Is In Lothrop, California

Shortly after Tesla Motors reported its Q1 earnings, new forward-looking projections were released.

These projections are now so diverse that some scenarios see Tesla stock at $504 in 2019, while others put the stock at only $48 in 2019.

Market Watch presented its bull and bear scenarios for Tesla Motors:

"Under our bullish scenario, in 2019, Tesla can earn $18 per share and trade at a P/E (Price-Earnings Ratio) of 28.  This puts the stock at $504."

"Under our bearish scenario, in 2019, Tesla may earn only $3 and trade at a P/E of 16.  This puts the stock at $48."

Even Market Watch has no clue as to which scenario will play out to be true for Tesla Motors:

"Obviously, there is no way to know with certainty which scenario will come true. For most stocks that we analyze, there is not such a large divergence between the bullish scenario and the bearish scenario. The size of the divergence indicates that this is a high-risk/high-reward situation."

*InsideEVs is not a financial site.  We do not provide financial advice or guidance.  Market Watch is a financial site, but even they seem unable to provide sound financial advice in relation to Tesla Motors.

Source: Market Watch

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