Dianne Whitmire, Fleet and Internet Sales Director  at Carson Toyota in Sunny SoCal, reports to InsideEVs that California’s green HOV stickers are basically gone.

Carson Toyota

Carson Toyota

"I just handed out #39,112 yesterday. There are less than 900 that I know of."

Officially, California's Air Resources Board states:

"As of March 28, 2014, 38,179 "green" stickers have been issued. Green stickers are valid through January 1, 2019."

39,112 - 38,179 = 933

That's the number of green HOV stickers handed out between Friday March 28 and Sunday March 30.

Let's say that works out to 300 stickers per day, with our last update being number 39,122 yesterday.  Assuming maybe a 100 or so more were handed out yesterday and perhaps 200 or 300 so far today, we're thinking the green HOV stickers will run out by later today or tomorrow.

The push is on.  Buyers of plug-in hybrid in California know this may be their last chance to get one of those coveted HOV stickers.

White stickers for BEVs are unlimited in number, so no worries there.

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