Battery degradation impacts every electric vehicle out there, so how does the Tesla Model S fare?

Well, 28,000 miles, and 11 months.

Rated range is showing 206 miles on a full 100% charge on Firmware 5.9.

Even though 206 is displayed, I am still getting approx 207-209 Rated Miles.

My Delivery Day Range was 209 Miles.

Says Tesla Model S owner and YouTuber KmanAuto.  Kman owns a 60 kWh Model S, which is EPA rated at 208 miles of range.

It seems as though the range of this particular Model S hasn't diminished as of yet.

To the Model S owners out there, we ask: have you seen your rated full-charge range drop over time?  If so, by how much and what's the age and mileage of your Model S?

60 kWh Tesla Model S Specs

60 kWh Tesla Model S Specs

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