Site of New Zealand's First Fast Charger Denoted BY Red Marker

Site of New Zealand's First Fast Charger Denoted BY Red Marker

New Zealand’s first quick charger is now operational.

Located in Whangarei, the fast-charge station is free to use and is expected to remain free well into the future.

As expected, New Zealand's first quick charger is a CHAdeMO unit.

Unexpectedly, the charger gets its juice entirely from hydro, courtesy of Northpower’s Wairua Hydro Power Station.

New Zealand isn't what we'd call an electric vehicle hotbed, mostly because electric vehicles are so expensive there, but perhaps the promise of free charging will increase EV uptake.

Northpower Network general manager Graham Dawson stated:

"What makes EV’s so logical for New Zealand is that the majority of power generation is renewable … we are very similar to Norway in that respect. "

"Historically, the cost of electric vehicles has prevented widespread adoption, but the importation of low cost, low mileage, used Electric Vehicles from Japan have drastically changed the situation and has given Northpower the confidence to launch this initiative."

"I’ve no doubt that New Zealanders in close proximity to cities like Whangarei will benefit immensely from adopting electric vehicle technology. Being able to do 100km round trips before the need to re-charge means people can charge-up overnight at home. It’s the way of the future."

Source: Voxy

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