In this video, Bloomberg wonders out loud "Has Tesla reached the limits of the millionaire market?"

"Tesla Motors fell after the electric-car maker reported first-quarter Model S sales growth that was below top-of-the-range analyst expectations. Cory Johnson breaks down the numbers on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock."

As we all know by now, Tesla Motors is selling less and less Model S sedans in the US these days.  Several news outlets inaccurately linked lower US sales to softening demand for the Model S.  However, sales of the Model S are picking up elsewhere, like in China and some European countries.

What these news outlets fail to recognize is that the US is not the only country in the world.  Tesla sells globally and, starting next month, that will become even more true with Tesla shipping its first right-hand-drive Model S sedans to the UK and Japan.

Again, the US is not the only place where Tesla sells EVs.  Tesla is a global automaker, so we must examine global demand for the Model S, not just US demand.

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