Nissan LEAF Makes An Appearance In

Nissan LEAF Makes An Appearance In "The Depths" Of The New York Auto Show In April

It seems to always be Andy Palmer who speaks on behalf of Nissan-Infiniti in regards to electric vehicles, so we figure why not highlight Palmer's official position before delving into the details he revealed this time around.

So, here's Palmer's job description, via Nissan:

Andy Palmer is executive vice president, Chief Planning Officer (CPLO) of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. In this position, he is responsible for global product planning, global program management, global market intelligence, global IS, global Infiniti business unit, global marketing communications, global corporate planning (including OEM business), Zero Emission Vehicle planning and strategy, global battery business unit, and global sales. Palmer reports to Mr. Carlos Ghosn, CEO.

Basically, Palmer is the head man at Nissan-Infiniti in the fields of zero emission vehicle planning and strategy and head of the global battery unit, which means he's the man with the ability to make all the moves in Nissan-Infiniti's electric vehicle program.

Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti LE

Infiniti LE

Moving on...

When Palmer speaks of future Nissan-Infiniti electric vehicle plans, the world should listen.

Palmer did exactly that at the recent 2014 Beijing Auto Show.  Here are the highlights:

  • New battery chemistry to debut for Nissan-Infiniti by early 2017
  • Infiniti luxury EV (likely based off the Infiniti LE concept) on track for 2017 debut
  • Next-generation Nissan LEAF expected to arrive right after Nissan’s Power 88 business plan, which ends March 31, 2017
  • Next-generation LEAF will feature hatchback layout, but a more mainstream design

Nissan Worker Assembles LEAF Battery in Tennessee

Nissan Worker Assembles LEAF Battery in Tennessee

Now it's quote time.

Nissan LEAF "Hot" Pack and Next Gen Details

In regards to the "hot" pack for the Nissan LEAF, Palmer stated that it's coming "soon."

As for the arrival of the next-gen LEAF, Palmer commented:

“I think if you thought about a normal model cycle from 2013, that would be more realistic.”

Palmer uses 2013 as the starting point for the LEAF since it's what he refers to as the start of the full global launch of the LEAF.  As noted above, Palmer puts the next-gen LEAF's arrival to be shortly after March 31, 2017.

Wireless Charging Expected To Be Standard On Infiniti LE

Wireless Charging Expected To Be Standard On Infiniti LE

Infiniti EV Coming Before Next-Gen LEAF

Palmer says that the Infiniti EV will go on sale “close enough to be counted” as part of Power 88, so on or before March 31, 2017.  Furthermore, Palmer says the electric Infiniti will arrive prior to Infiniti's long-awaited halo car, which proves to us that Infiniti believes the EV is more important than a super-expensive flagship vehicle.

Quoting Palmer:

“I think the EV will come earlier.  To some extent, EV is now becoming practically a requirement.”

Next Gen Nissan LEAF Design

For this design aspect, Palmer turns it over to Mamoru Aoki, Nissan global design chief.

Quoting Aoki:

“The current Leaf is aiming too much at an EV-like appearance.  Tesla doesn’t look EV at all. The Tesla S just looks nice, very sporty, sleek, but very authentic.”

Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer at Nissan-Infiniti, adds:

“We want distinctive, yet more mainstream.”

Improved Batteries

Once again, Palmer says that the Infiniti EV will be the first Nissan-Infiniti offering to get next-generation battery technology.  Palmer adds that it's likely the electric Infiniti will have more range than the next-gen LEAF due to the Infiniti having more space in which to package the batteries.

And that concludes this round of details on the next-generation Nissan LEAF and upcoming Infiniti EV


Is This NISMO LEAF More Mainstream In Its Design?

Is This NISMO LEAF More Mainstream In Its Design?

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