Coming Soon to Bethesda

Coming Soon to Bethesda

In its most recent shareholder letter, Tesla Motors stated that cumulative mileage of Model S EVs exceeds 275 million miles.

"Overall, our customers have now driven Model S more than 275 million miles, saving nearly 14 million gallons of gasoline."

Later, Tesla stated that 15 million miles were driven from energy supplied by Superchargers.

"Our customers have now driven nearly 15 million Supercharged miles for free."

This indicates that 5.5% must be Supercharged miles (in several markets, the Supercharger network still is not ready, so this 5.5% figure will likely be higher in the future).

Based on 5.5% number, we could estimate...skip that.  Better yet, we'll let you decide what can be made of this 5.5% figure.

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