"An in depth review of the 2014 BMW i3 in Solar Orange Metallic w/Frozen Grey accent. Start up to the engine and test drive the BMW i3."

Says the description associated with this video.

Unique to this i3 video is that there's an ample amount of direct-from-BMW information such as 0 to 60 mph times, horsepower and torque figures, cubic feet of cargo capacity and so on.

Rather than reviewing the BMW i3, this video provides a comprehensive overview of the various specs, options, operational features of the i3.

So, it's not an opinionated review, but more like a BMW i3 rundown using only BMW-provided information.

We like how the video creator manages to stuff all the info into one brief clip.  If in search of some i3 details or in need of sharing those details with others, this video should be your starting point.