e-NV200 at Auchan's 1st Fast Charger In France

e-NV200 at Auchan's 1st Fast Charger In France

On March 26 Auchan, Nissan and DBT CEV inaugurated the first quick charging point at Auchan in Mantes-la-Jolie, France. This is first from a network of 130, which will be installed by September.

Thanks to this project, by the end of the year France will double its quick charging points with CHAdeMO plugs to 250.

Chargers installed at Auchan in France will be additionally equipped with AC plug for fast charging cars like Renault ZOE. Additionally, the Tesla Model S and electric smart can use it, but for those models the bottleneck is the on-board charger - up to about 20-22 kW instead of 43 kW for ZOE.

Access for Auchan charging points will be available via KiWhi pass, an universal access card developed by French company Solution Laval Green Park (free for all Nissan customers).

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