New Orleans seems an unlikely location for a Tesla service center, but one is coming "soon" to The Big Easy.

For Tesla, this will be its first service center in the central Gulf Coast region.

Tesla Service Center Map

Tesla Service Center Map

We put "soon" in quotes because reportedly Tesla has been on the hunt for a location and staff in New Orleans for a few months now; but it will arrive at some point this year.

It's believed that there's only ~50 Teslas on the road of Louisiana (maybe a dozen or so in New Orleans), so demand for this service center is likely low at this point in time.  However, Tesla is always looking to expand its service into new areas, so why not put one in New Orleans.

The idea is that if a service center pops up in a particular area, then potential Tesla buyers who are on the fence might just step over and make the purchase.  It makes sense to us, as servicing, even for a low-maintenance  Tesla, will be required from time to time and nobody likes the hassle of having to drive/transport a vehicle hundreds of miles to the nearest service center.

Source: Uptown Messnger

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