McLaren P1

McLaren P1

P1 Testing in Extreme Heat

P1 Testing in Extreme Heat

When the plug-in hybrid McLaren P1 launched, our immediate reaction was damn that's too slow.  0 to 60 MPH in 2.8 seconds? Pfft...  Top speed of only 217 MPH?  Price tag of just $1 million?

Upon receiving the full McLaren P1 spec sheet, we immediately picked up the phone to call our McLaren contact.  Our suggestion was that, given the P1's lack of urgency in standard form, McLaren ought to release a "Track" version to compete with the likes of the Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach.

Naturally, McLaren's response was along the lines of "yes, you're absolutely right."

That's how the upcoming "Track" version of the McLaren P1 was born. (more or less)

McLaren now says the "Track" P1 will be a even more speed focused, track-ready version of the street-going model.  Dubbed the P1 Track, production will only be a couple hundred units.

P1 on the Track

P1 on the Track

Autocar too got in touch with McLaren to discuss the need for a track-able P1.  From that discussion, Autocar states:

"Only P1 road car owners will be invited to purchase a P1 Track, as the model is known internally."

"The model is set to have even more extreme bodywork to differentiate it from a 'standard' P1, alongside suspension upgrades that will see the P1 permanently 'locked' in its lowest setting, and more power and torque liberated from the petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain."

More HP and more torque.  The current P1 gets saddled with only 903 total horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, so clearly more of each are desperately needed.

McLaren will even be so kind as to garage the P1 Track on behalf of the owners:

"McLaren is likely to keep the P1 Tracks on behalf of the owners and arrange a series of track days and events throughout the year where the cars can run."

"The scheme will therefore similar to the one employed by McLaren’s rival Ferrari and its XX models."

Another reason the P1 Track is coming into existence?  The raging success of the original P1.

Many questioned McLaren's decision to produce 'just' 375 of them, noting the former F1 supercar sold nowhere near that many; however the demand on the P1 (thanks in part to Jay Leno according to the McLaren boss) quickly sold out all the units at about $1.15 million a pop.  How to sell more now that the run is over but not devalue the limited run you promised your clients?  Another newer/faster version available only to that same group.


Look for the P1 Track to debut within the next year or so.  The P1 Track, being such a low performance machine, will likely be followed by the P1 Track Plus after we again call our McLaren contact to complain over the lack of power and zip.

Source: Autocar

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