Northumberland (UK) County Council has added two Nissan LEAFs to its fleet.

The city council's decisions to go electric was made due to low operating costs, which are claimed to be as low as 2p per mile.

The city council's fleet of vehicles log some 5 million miles per year.  The two LEAFs are clearly just a start and won't cut total operating costs by much, but the council is already in the process of securing funds to purchase additional LEAFs.

Why the LEAF?

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Councillor Ian Swithenbank, policy board member for streetcare and environment at Northumberland County Council, stated:

“We had three electric vehicles on trial for six months as part of a regional initiative and we found the LEAF was the one best suited to our needs."

“Before adding the LEAF permanently though, we had to see a business case showing that, once we had leased them, the overall cost to the council would reduce."

“We have clear evidence they will do just that and they will also make a contribution to the council’s carbon saving targets.”

Hugh Clear-Hill, the council’s principal climate change and sustainability officer, adds: “Each year council staff and elected councilors cover a large number of miles in the course of their work.

“We’ve got the two LEAFs on lease for 12,000 miles per year – a total of 24,000 miles – so it’s not taking a huge chunk out just yet but what it is doing is raising awareness and our hope is that in time it’ll build up and we’ll be able to add more electric vehicles to the fleet.”

Source: Berwick Advertiser

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