Toyota's commitment to plug-in vehicles is pretty much non-existent.

Yes, the automaker does offer the RAV4 EV (California only as a compliance vehicle) and Prius Plug-In Hybrid (not available nationwide, yet a strong seller despite Toyota not promoting it), but if you thought Toyota was a plug-in supporter, then this Lexus hybrid commercial will show you just how wrong you were.

"Lexus hybrid vehicles are on their sixth generation of hybrid technology and make up 85% of all luxury hybrids on the road today."

Says Lexus, the dominator of luxury hybrid sales.

But why must you then rip on plug-in vehicles?  Is it out of fear of losing sales to the superior plug-in hybrids?

Lexus continues:

"They are rated up to 42 MPG."

"They've saved nearly 300,000,000 gallons of gas."

If those hybrids without a plug are so darn spectacular, then why even bother presenting an argument against plug-ins?

Fear....yes, that's why.

If Lexus doesn't soon enter the plug-in vehicle segment, then it stands to lose its superior rank in the luxury hybrid/plug-in hybrid segment.

Which would you rather own?  A near luxury/luxury hybrid that returns "up to 42 MPG" or a near luxury plug-in hybrid that gets 157 MPG, with 31 miles of electric range?

Lexus Hybrid Commercial

Lexus Hybrid Commercial

Image Via Charged EVs

Image Via Charged EVs


Source: Charged EVs

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