Prices For EVs in Norway in Norwegian krone

Prices For EVs in Norway in Norwegian krone

The numbers for 2013 are all finally in.  The result?  Norway is #1.

For 2013, plug-in vehicles accounted for 6.1% or all passenger vehicle sales in Norway.

In the #2 spot was the Netherlands at 5.55%.

Three through five are as follows:

  • Iceland:  0.94%
  • Japan: 0.91%
  • France:  0.83%
Where does the US place?  Wherever 0.62 % lands it.  Well outside of the Top 5, that's for sure.

Though the US bought the most plug-in vehicles out of any nation in 2013, the market share was low due to how HUGE total automotive sales are in the US.  0.62% ain't bad, but we're going to have to kick that figure up a few notches to have a chance at making the Top 5 for 2014.

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