Find The Virtual LEAF Here At The Innovation Station

Find The Virtual LEAF Here At The Innovation Station

PixelArtworks, together with marketing agency TRO, created a virtual driving experience for the Nissan LEAF. The virtual LEAF  installation is at the Nissan Innovation Station at the O2 Arena in London until 2017.

According to PixelArtworks:

"The installation utilizes a Nissan LEAF, which is driven on a rolling road. This is combined with rear-projection technology, which uses three projectors, and rear projection film on the front windows and windscreen to stunning effect."

The graphics are rendered in real-time so that the driver sees the effect of steering, braking and accelerating as the wheel is turned or the pedals are pushed.

Lizzy Chase, project manager at PixelArtworks, stated:

“This is a really unique way to enable people to experience the car without taking it out for a test drive.  Projecting a virtual world onto the windscreen and side windows makes for a very immersive experience. It’s really reactive too — you’re pressing the accelerator, steering round corners and choosing which way to turn, so it’s about as real as a virtual test drive could get.”


A video of the Nissan LEAF virtual driving simulator can be viewed here.

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