BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8

"So was this re-invention of the car worthwhile?"

Asks Top Gear of the BMW i8.

Most BMW i8 reviews to date have been full of praise. Top Gear's take is basically the same.

"...was it worth all this BMW brainpower and new tech to make a car slightly less sporty than the Porsche that uses rather less fuel? That's a very dull question."

"...the i8 is exploring the future. It bestows lightweight construction, hybrid expertise, and a quick-thinking highly creative engineering mentality onto the whole BMW group."

"It's an enormously satisfying thing to drive..."

"And it makes everyone point and smile."

Top Gear is often unkind to plug-in vehicles, but the BMW i8 is far from the average plug in.  It's the i8's combination of thriftiness, innovation and performance that has the automotive world in a frenzy.  Props to BMW for green lighting this plug-in dream machine.

Source: Top Gear

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