Have you ever want to hear Tesla's business strategy from its founding to present told by a person not named Elon Musk?

We've all heard Musk speak of Tesla this and Tesla that, but few others from within Tesla have taken the mic for long periods of time to present Tesla's story.

Well, that changes here with Tesla's Scandinavian Director, Peter Bardenfleth Hansen, presenting to us the tale of Tesla

"We see Tesla Motors as one of the world's best cases on Business Model Innovation. Few other companies have mastered the art of cycling through business models like Tesla has over the past 10 years. So when we invited speakers for Engage // Innovate's workshop seminar ''Learning to work differently with strategy," Tesla was a natural choice."

After listening to Hansen for 30 minutes we're wondering if there exists an exec at Tesla who doesn't know everything there is to know about Tesla.  Like Musk, Hansen seemingly knows every detail related to Tesla Motors.  Is this know-it-all ability the norm within Tesla's ranks?

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