"We have posted a rare in-car i8 acceleration launch video to our YouTube page."

States BimmerPost.

Uniquely, we get to hear how the BMW i8 sounds when it accelerates with the pedal mashed to the floor.

BimmerPost adds:

"Our video shows the i8's gauge graphics as the car accelerates in Sport Mode, as well as providing a listen at the i8's raw mechanical sounds as it accelerates."

BMW says that the i8 plug-in hybrid dashes from 0 to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and that it tops out at 155 mph.

The raw sound of the i8's exhaust won't please all plug-in fans, but there are those among us who still enjoy hearing the occasional rumble while piloting a plug in.

First US deliveries of the i8 will begin this June.  Base MSRP is $135,700.

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