Lieyu Island Highlighted In Red

Lieyu Island Highlighted In Red

Enjoying the scenery on the island of Lieyu as well as protecting it is now possible with 100 new all-electric scooters available for rent.

Supposedly, these scooters can travel up to 60km on a single charge. Which is more than enough for the driving needs as the island is only14.8-square kilometers.

For non-Lieyu residents, to rent one of these scooters it will cost NT$150 (US$4.97) for the first 4 hours, then each additional hour will cost NT$10.  Lieyu residents will pay NT$100.  These scooters begin service in June 2014. 

Each rental will come with a NT$50 "Carbon coupon" that could be used at participating stores on the island.

These all electric scooters benefit Lieyu's initiative for a low-emission environment for the islands surrounding China.  A high-ranking official in the county government, Li Tseng-tsai stated:

"The launch of the electric vehicles is intended to prevent an influx of motor scooters to Lieyu, also called Little Kinmen." 

Li further added that the government will add 8 electric buses by the end of 2014 and that he hopes reducing carbon emissions will be an "international trend."

As we've stated several times in the past, electric vehicles are ideal for island usage.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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