We constantly receive "Letters to the Editor," most of which come in the form of spam from some far off land with an offer that's too good to be true.  We ignore those (actually, Gmail places them in a special spot so that we never even see them), which allows us to focus on the important emails we receive from readers, fans of the site, automakers and so on.

However, most of our legitimate "Letters to the Editor" are well informed.

This one, sent to news outlet Reporter Herald, clearly falls outside of the "informed" category:

"There have been a number of interesting so called "fact" articles relating to electric car ownership."

"While it is good to see technology advancing toward alternate-powered cars, let us not delude ourselves. The only way to to drive an electric car is to be the only one in town to own one. They are not efficient unless subsidized. If everyone in town owned an EV, your electric bill would a thousand dollars a month."

That's enough of that.

If you'd like to read the entire letter, follow the source link below.

Is it true that the general public remains so ill-informed when it comes to plug-in electric vehicles?  Have we not yet spread the word far enough?  Guess there's more work to be done...time for us to get crackin' some more.

Source: Reporter Herald

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