"The Tesla Model S is unlike any car you've ever driven. and its not just because its electric."

Starts the opening of the Edmunds.com video embedded above.

As you will see in the video, Edmunds.com show us it long-term update after 20,000 miles with the Tesla Model S.

Edmunds show us what makes the Model S unique, including several positives and even few slight negatives.

As you likely already know, The Tesla Model S is a premium all-electric sedan that can go cross country courtesy of its long range and Tesla Superchargers.

After viewing the video, you can check out Edmunds' full long-term Tesla Model S update with additional details here.

*Editors note: As it is stated in the review and the video, Edmunds has experienced several reliability problems.  We'd like to add that the issues Edmunds has experienced have been properly fixed.  The likelihood of experiencing these issues have mostly been eliminated as several components have been updated and the vehicle receives firmware updates to fix any known minor issues.




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