Bolloré Bluecars in Bluecub car sharing service

Bolloré Bluecars in Bluecub car sharing service

According to AFP, Bolloré Group saw net profits decline from €669 million in 2012 to €270 million in 2013 despite its main transport and logistics business growing (turnover by 7% to €10.85 billion and operating profit by +30% to €606 million).

Bolloré is heavily investing in energy storage and its electric mobility business, which is eating a fair part of potential net profits.

In 2012, this part of of the business recorded a operating loss of €168 million and then a loss of €126 million in 2013.

This is important because the French giant has big plans regarding EVs in France and London.

The planned nationwide charging infrastructure for France alone would cost €100 million and Bolloré needs to stay profitable to be able to continue investments.

New types of BlueCars and new carsharing services in Lion and Bordeaux in France, plus expansion of Ergué-Gabéric battery plant in north-western France, doesn't come cheap.

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