Renault-Samsung SM3 Electric - On Sale in South Korea

Renault-Samsung SM3 Electric - On Sale in South Korea

The government of Seoul, South Korea is attempting to encourage widespread adoption of electric vehicles by expanding the public charging infrastructure and increasing the awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles.

As Korea Biz Wire reports:

"Currently, EVs are mostly serving public purposes at places like public agencies, car rental companies (including electric car sharing services) and social welfare centers in Seoul."

"To this end, the city government has increased the number of public high-speed EV charging stations from 38 to 46. These stations can charge batteries in electric cars about nine times faster than low-speed chargers given at the purchase of EVs."

"Moreover, the charging is absolutely free at these public stations."

In Seoul, the idea is to install charging stations at "big-box retailers and other major locations in the city" in an effort to drive up EV adoption.

Additional, the government will "cooperate with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) to help individuals charge their EVs at home at a special rate without having to pay progressive rates."

Finally, a “Reward System for Low-Carbon Cars” that will take effect in 2015.  Korea Biz Wire explains the reward systems as follows:

"....policy measure by which subsidies are given upon purchasing cars emitting less carbon dioxide while more levies are imposed on cars emitting greater carbon dioxide."

It's believed that all of these actions will make Seoul an EV paradise.  Hopefully, that turns out to be true.

Source: Korea Biz Wire