Renault was for a long time the leader in European EV market with share of over 50%, but in most of the recent sales reports, we see that the French automaker is going backward and is falling off fast.

One model - the Fluence Z.E. - was the victim of the Better Place collapse, but now three other models are falling in February.

Kangoo Z.E. sales fell by 40% year over year last month.

ZOE is struggling to stay green, but this month it will have to face off with 1,089 sales in March 2013 and the whole table will be flooded with red if Renault can't put a stop to the downward sales trend.

This situation is mostly associated with lower sales in France and is not the news Renault wants the world to hear.

Time is ticking away and unofficially we heard that March will not be Renault's month either. Maybe the upcoming launch in Norway will help ZOE regain some momentum.

Renault EV Sales

Renault EV Sales

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