Boulder, Colorado definitely has a lot of pleasant scenery everywhere you look. Adding to that now is a new kind of scenery as the city is equipped with charging stations called Autonomous Renewable Chargers (ARC) by Envision Solar.

These "Solar Trees" are standalone units and provide their own energy through the solar panels with no external power source.

While generating approximately 16 kWh a day, that energy is stored in the unit's on-board battery storage of 22 kWh that can charge up to 2 EVs per day depending on vehicle, its battery size and climate conditions.

The solar array can track the sun's location to maximize generated electricity.

These units can be relocated if needed, as they are fully mobile and do not require a foundation. 

Envision Solar is dedicated to provided unique charging station layouts, as well as providing charging stations with an independent source of energy.

To elaborate, Construction Manager for the City of Boulder Department of Public Works, Glenn Magee stated:

"This represents some completely sustainable technologies, it is a fully self sufficient operation. We're not tapping any power from any source, it's generated through the solar panels and it goes directly to the charger. It's totally sustainable and a complete use of our natural resources."

The CEO of Envision Solar Desmond Wheatley further adds:

"These deployments in Boulder really demonstrate the value of the EV ARC."

"It was not economically feasible to run trenching and grid connections to these important locations but the EV ARC delivers EV charging where traditional chargers cannot which represents a huge opportunity for this product and our company. We are proud to have the City of Boulder as a customer and look forward to working with them and other cities to deliver renewably energized EV charging without the difficult or sometimes impossible tasks associated with tying to the grid."

More on the company can be found by clicking here.

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