Eaton Hypercharger - Image via EV Fleetworld

Eaton Hypercharger - Image via EV Fleetworld

As BYD often boasts that its ebus batteries last for 24 hours of service on a single charge, finally Proterra demonstrated that its electric bus can run for 24 hours too. The difference is that Proterra is using quick charge probably every hour for 10-15 minutes, whereas BYD has very large battery pack of 324 kWh.

The big thing is that Proterra's bus, with dedicated infrastructure, has in some way infinite range. In mid-April, one bus traveled more than 700 miles in 24 hours! This was a test on a route designed to simulate both commuter and central business district routes and drive cycles.

We don't know for sure, but we believe that probably one of Eaton Hypercharger's had a busy day.

"A bus built by Proterra has set a record for the most miles traveled by a battery-electric bus in a day – traveling more than 700 miles in 24 hours. Equally impressive is the fact that on this trip the bus recorded an average fuel economy of nearly 27 miles per gallon – nearly six times that of a diesel bus and seven times that of CNG. The record was set as part of normal testing conducted on Proterra buses before they are delivered."

This electric bus in the next few months will go into revenue service in the Southeastern United States.

According to press release, the average speed was 24 miles per hour (we're not sure why this figure is different from 29 mph, which would be the result of 700/24) with the HVAC system running.

"The bus, which ran at an average speed of 24 miles per hour with the HVAC system running, was charged periodically throughout the day, using Proterra’s proprietary fast-charging process. This technology allows a bus to fully charge in less time than it takes to charge a cell phone."

It is hard to believe that after all these tests from BYD, Proterra still is the only EV bus manufacturer with buses currently in revenue service in the United State. It will however change probably by the summer.

For now, to ride in an electric bus, visit San Antonio, Worcester, Reno, Stockton, Pomona and Tallahassee. Soon, Proterra EVs will come to Nashville and Louisville.

Garrett Mikita, CEO, Proterra Inc. stated:

“This record offers definitive proof that all-electric Proterra buses combine all the durability and functionality of conventional buses, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership, fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions. We are even more proud of the fact that we demonstrated this performance using a regular production bus with the same features and performance we build into all our buses.”

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