BMW i3 in Geneva

BMW i3 in Geneva

If you asked BMW sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson to predict future sales of electric vehicles, the answer you'd get would be something like this:

Ian Robertson at BMW i3 Launch

Ian Robertson at BMW i3 Launch

Right now electric vehicles are for smog-riddled cities plus the state of California. The internal combustion engine is here to stay.

That's not exactly what Robertson stated in regards to electric vehicle sales, but it's close enough.

Here's his exact words:

"There's still a long way to go with these and other conventional engines. Globally, the petrol/diesel split generally is still Europe diesel, rest-of-world petrol - with a few minor exceptions as local conditions change."

"Electric vehicles will continue to make gains in big cities - you only have to look at the recent pollution problem in Paris and the smog issues in Beijing and Shanghai.  Zero emissions will perhaps become a requirement and I think that 20 per cent of combustion engines will come with some form of electrification within 10-20 years."

"Where you've got active motivation, it affects and encourages early adopters and it works."

In other words, Robertson says EVs will fill a niche in highly congested cities and in states like California where CARB is the active motivator.

Source: via The Green Car Website

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