You find out who truly supports electric vehicles in a moment of true need.

In setting out to create what became the KICK GAS movie, we met what we'll refer to as EVs friends and EV foes.

First, let's start with a foe:

Against EVs

Guinness World Records! They had the audacity to tell me EVERY single one of their "adjudicators" was just too busy, and wanted us to pay well over 5 figures to fly someone in from London to document this record-breaking event. I told them that this was a movie about sustainability and that we couldn't justify flying their person over when they just awarded a Guinness World Record for "Largest Dog Wedding."  Naturally, they threw a fit when I said the Guinness beer company would be excellent "adjudicators."

All that said, I do enjoy their annual publication.

Duane Leffel is a total trooper. Not only did he have to drive the Nissan LEAF at obnoxiously slow speeds, (to stay back with the bike and scooters) By the time Guinness World Record got their act together, he only had the record for a few months. My competitive spirit understands that, records are meant to be broken. And this one in particular was more like obliterated.

But still, we put Guinness World Records in the foe category, at least for now.

Dicor Logo

Dicor Logo

For EVs

Dicor Corporation President Gregg Fore is a forward thinker and is committed to "a better way" of doing things. As one of the leading suppliers in the RV industry, Dicor has made the core of its business environmentally friendly. They have developed a number of green practices along with products designed to preserve the environment and people's health.  This is exactly what KICK GAS(TM) is all about...working together, listening to one another and supporting others.

Dicor is committed to sustainable materials to make RV's more eco friendly and lighter so that they don't use as much gas.

Unexpectedly, Dicor stepped in as the first to monetarily support KICK GAS.

We later discovered that the demographic of an EV owner and an RV owner are almost identical.  Married. Over 40. Children over 18 or none. Outdoor and travel enthusiasts.

And we did charge the Nissan LEAF at a few RV parks along the way.  So, maybe Dicor's support isn't that unexpected after all.

What's The Point?

The Guinness World Records as a foe and Dicor as a friend is not the only pro-EV versus against-EV scenario we encountered and it certainly won't be the last.  Again, what's the point?  The point is that you'll find EV supporters in the most unlikely of places.  Or, to put it a different way, EV supporters are everywhere, you just might have difficulty looking in the right places to find them.  But don't give up.  The supports are out there.  More and more of them come forward everyday.

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