2014 Zero S

2014 Zero S

Zero Motorcycles is inviting motorcyclists to try out its new electric motorcycle line, which for 2014 consists of four models - S, SR, DS and FX.

As it turns out, after demo rides, feedback from those who've never ridden this type of EV before is extremely positive. Just watch video and you'll see what we mean.

Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines challenged seven riders, none of whom had ridden an electric motorcycle, to put four different Zero Motorcycles through their paces. Find out what they thought.

We invite you to experience the advantages of electric for yourself. Schedule a demo ride with a Zero Motorcycles dealer at zeromotorcycles.com.

Video produced and directed by Bonnier Motorcycle Group in partnership with Zero Motorcycles. Shot in and around Southern California in March 2013. Thanks to Perry King, Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines, and our seven riders for their time and great feedback.

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