Nissan LEAF in Car Sharing Scheme in Germany

Nissan LEAF in Car Sharing Scheme in Germany

No surprises here.

The Nissan LEAF was the top selling electric vehicle in Western Europe in Q1 of 2014.

The LEAF, with 3,730 recorded registrations, dominated Western Europe's electric vehicle market with a controlling 30% share.

Per Eagle AID:

"This first quarter, Nissan’s LEAF, with 3,730 registrations, was the best-selling electric car in the whole of Western Europe, thanks in no small measure to its popular following in Norway’s still humming electric car market."

Trailing the LEAF in Q1 electric vehicle sales in Western Europe was the #2 Tesla Model S, #3 BMW i3 and #4 Renault ZOE.

Source: Eagle AID

Our own tally over all plug-in vehicles for Europe after the Nissan LEAF in the first spot was as follows (Of note: curiously we find the VW e-Up! holding the 4th spot for EVs over the Renault Zoe):

Of interest: Almost 250 Opel Amperas were sold in Europe in Q1.