At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, there are now 48 charging stations for plug-in vehicles.

Sea-Tac Main Terminal Map

Sea-Tac Main Terminal Map

12 existing plus 36 new chargers brings the tally to 48, which is the highest count at any airport in all of North America.

The 36 new charging stations were recently opened in the airport's main terminal.  The chargers are free to use, but parking there carries the usual fee.

Elizabeth Leavitt, director of aviation planning and environmental management at Sea-Tac Airport, stated:

"Our electric charging stations have been consistently full and we anticipate the future demand to continue to grow.  Living in a region where residents clearly value the environment, we strive to provide services that help our customers meet their goals to reduce their carbon footprints."

All of the chargers at Sea-Tac are of the proper Level 1 variety.

Here, according to the Kent Reporter, is where you'll find Sea-Tac's chargers:

"Twelve stations are located on the fourth floor (in Terminal Direct) and 36 stations are on the fifth floor (in General Parking). Signage in the garage directs customers to individual parking stalls marked "Electric Car Charging." Twelve parking spaces are located on the fourth floor in Row I. On the fifth floor, 12 spots are located in each row at D, G, and I."

Source: Kent Reporter

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