Tesla Model S Doing Some Stress Testing

Tesla Model S Doing Some Stress Testing

Recently, Forbes turned to Max Warburton, analyst with Bernstein Research, for a discussion on Tesla Motors.

Warburton weighed in on several aspects of the automaker, including its ability to drive down battery costs quicker than the competition.  As Warburton suggested, he may well have to "revise upwards his assumptions about the success of electric vehicles generally" if Tesla can prove that battery costs can be decreased quickly.

Warburton made several comments in the Forbes article, including the following:

“The genius of Tesla has been to position its product at the high end of the market – this has been more instrumental to its success than cost or technology."

“Tesla is selling cars to emotional buyers who are comparing the Tesla S to other emotional, irrational and expensive products – such as the Mercedes S class and Maserati. That’s the genius of the product – consumers are not doing any cost/benefit calculations – but rather just saying “I want one."

So, the Tesla Model S has become the "I want one" electric vehicle.  The desire to get what one wants surely is a driving force behind some Model S sales.  In this way, it's an object of desire that tugs at the emotions of, as Warburton says "emotional buyers who are comparing the Tesla S to other emotional, irrational" automobiles.

We'll close with this question: Buying the Tesla Model S may be an emotional, irrational choice, but for you is the Model S the "I want one" automobile?

Source: Forbes

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