Smog in Paris

Smog in Paris

Paris, France is now officially a plug-in vehicle owner's paradise.

Due to heavy smog, Paris has launched alternative driving days for the first time since 1997. Even-numbered license plates are banned from the city from 5:30 am today until midnight.  Odd-numbered license plates will be banned tomorrow if smog levels persist

However, vehicles classes as “virtuous" (EVs, plug-in hybrid, CNG and vehicle with more than 3 occupants) are exempt, meaning that they can freely travel within Paris.

Additional measures to combat smog include:

  • The movement of trucks over 3.5 tons is prohibited
  • Free residential parking for Parisians
  • Free parking for banned vehicles
  • Free short-term EV rentals
Other vehicle not affect by the ban are as follows:
  • Fire and rescue vehicles, transport related to health and funeral transport
  • Buses, taxis and driver's ed vehicles
  • Construction vehicles and equipment, garbage trucks, money transport, newspapers, mail, tanker trucks, refrigerated trucks and so on
  • Personal vehicles for bus and subway employees, sales representatives, and journalists
  • Trucks and vans under 3.5 tons
  • Any vehicle registered outside of France
Source: Paris

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