Rudi Tuisk and Simon Hackett are joining together to develop an all electric high performance race car which they will use for exhibition races in Europe and Asia. The idea is to showcase the true potential of electric.

Rudi Tuisk and Simon Hackett.

Rudi Tuisk and Simon Hackett.

Rudi Tuisk was Tesla's Chief Technician in Europe and Asia for 5 years.

Simon Hackett was the first person to purchase a Tesla in Australia and founded Internode, an Australian internet service provider.

Joined together, they will develop this "rule breaking" electric race car by the end of 2014.

The 1000 kg electric racer will go from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and a 0-200 km/h in less than 8 seconds with its 400 KW & 800 Nm torque.

EV Race Systems has a primary goal to prove the power and potential of an electric race car and surpass ICE capabilities.

Tuisk Stated:

“To use motorsport as an emotional lever, you need a car that’s very fast, convincing and extremely exciting; action packed! We’ve spent the past year designing just such a vehicle, with some of the best engineers in the world. We are very excited by the data we are seeing right now."

For more details on the work being put in by the EV Race Systems team, check out the site by following the link below.

Source: EV Race Systems & The Motor Report


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