First Quick Charger’s installed in Greece in FORTISIS network

First Quick Charger’s installed in Greece in FORTISIS network

Greece becomes the 26th country with a CHAdeMO charger as FORTISIS installed the nation's first DC quick charger with two plugs - CHAdeMO and Combo (European version) in Athens.

"Greece has joined the CHAdeMO Europe fast charger map last month as the 26th European country with CHAdeMO footprints. Located in the underground parking lot of PolisPark Rizari close to Kolonaki Square in the center of Athens, this first fast charging station in Greeceis equipped with a fast charger provided by a CHAdeMO member company DBT."

For now, to use the FORTISIS charging network, there is a need to pre-register for RFID cards at a cost of €2.50 fixed fee per session plus €0.21 per minute of charge. In the future there will be an option to activate via SMS.

The network consists of 13 charging points (one DC) and is scheduled for expansion to 40 points and 4 DC QC, mainly in Athens.

According to CHAdeMO Association, the EV market in Greece is just getting started and for now sales are low:

"The number of EVs registered in Greece is still low. According to Fortisis, the sale of fast chargeable EVs in Greece started only in fall 2013, with the delivery of such EVs just starting last month. Dimitris Micharikopoulos, director of FORTISIS, in the press release says that “Like in other countries, the development of appropriate charging infrastructure is considered a key factor for the speead of vehicles in Greece” and sees his challenge as “to understand where the market of EV charging is heading and to find sustainable business models for providing public charging infrastructure that will support transition to electric vehicles.” However the Greek EV market is to evolve, the first fast charger can only be “a big step forward for electric mobility” as Micharikopoulos puts it, and we agree of course."

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