Imagine A Plug-In Hybrid Motorcycle Riding Alongside This Giant

Imagine A Plug-In Hybrid Motorcycle Riding Alongside This Giant

According to Popular Science magazine, the US military will soon get plug-in hybrid motorcycle to enable sneak attacks in off-road terrain areas.

The plug-in hybrid bike is being developed by defense contractor Logos Technologies.  Logos received a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The grant money will be used to convert one donor bike, a rear-wheel-drive BRD Redshift MX electric motorcycle over to a front- and rear-wheel drive plug-in hybrid.

Logos is fully responsible for the powertrain that gets fitted into the finished bike.  Details on the powertrain are non-existent.  This will be a military machine, so don't ever expect to find out details on the tech that will make it work.

However, we do know that the bike will apparently over up to one hour of electric-only operation followed by the ability to burn multiple fuels (gasoline, diesel,  jet fuel (JP8) and so on).

The stealthy aspect of the bike come in electric mode where it will be no louder than 55 decibels.  Once the engine kicks in, the bike gets louder (75 decibels).  Popular Science says that the bike's engine can both recharge the battery pack and provide power to electronic devices used by the military.

Our wish is that full specs on this bike eventually get revealed.  However, that's unlikely.  But still, wouldn't you want to know how this EREV motorcycle functions?

Source: Pop Sci

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