Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is hungry for electric vehicles.

In Hungary, a push is now on to drive up electric vehicle adoption.  The program being put in place is one that aims to remove old clunkers from the road and to replace them with electric vehicles.

This sort of program is common in some parts of Europe, so it's not like Hungary came up with this idea on its own.

Anyways, the plan in Hungary is to have the government award coupons to those who replace 15-plus year old automobiles with a modern EV.

Furthermore, the plan calls for EVs to have unlimited access to bus lanes and to park free of charge throughout the nation.

Lastly, government fleets will look first to plug-in vehicles as an option when tired fleet automobiles are in need of replacement.

Hungary's Economy Minister Mihály Varga put forth this program as part of a broader EV initiative aimed at getting Hungary up to pace in the EV race.

Source: XPatLoop

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