2015 BMW i8 in New York

2015 BMW i8 in New York

Looking back at the 2014 New York Auto Show, our take is that it was a disappointing showing for plug-in vehicles, but others such as James Bell, head of consumer affairs at General Motors and Matt Miller, auto industry reporter for Bloomberg News, see the show in a different light.

James Bell of General Motors stated:

"I think the mistake that many people in the industry and in the media maybe thought was that -- when the Nissan LEAF came out or the Chevrolet Volt -- was that suddenly people would drop their gasoline cars and rush for them. No, it’s not that way.  This is going to be a slow evolution, but it’s also a Pandora’s box moment. It’s not going to go back in. Electrified vehicles are the way to meet those emissions in the future.”

Matt Miller of Bloomberg News commented:

“Really the key for the future, I think, is hybrid technology, so rather than having a car like a Tesla, completely electric-powered, you have a car like the BMW i3 or i8, which has a small gasoline motor to help charge the battery when it’s needed and electric motors to drive.  That’s got to be the future."

Both comments were made on the New York Auto Show floor and both remarks suggest that, despite a relatively lackluster showing for plug-in vehicles, the discussion still often center on the fact that plug-ins are the future.

Source: VOA News

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