Prices in Norway in Norwegian krone

Prices in Norway in Norwegian krone

Sometime in April, Norway will become the first nation in the world to be able to boast that 1 out of every 100 automobiles on its roads are pure electric.

EV sales in Norway – 2013

EV sales in Norway – 2013

As NPR points out:

"One percent may not sound like a huge figure, but in the U.S., the equivalent number would be something close to .07 percent."

So, we've got a long way to go to catch Norway.

According to NPR:

"Popular electric vehicles in Norway include the Think and Buddy, which are both produced by Norwegian car makers, as well as Nissan's Leaf and Tesla models."

Norway's drive to 1% began years ago when the nation had its own EV makers.  Norway began offering tremendous incentives to get buyers into EVs.

"The big one: no taxes. In a country where taxes can double or even triple a car's purchase price, that's huge."

States NPR.

The days of buying homegrown EVs in Norway are now mostly long gone.  As Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen explains, that's a plus as most of the early EVs were "tiny, kind of plastic cars seating two people, where you would freeze to death during the wintertime."

Today's EVs come mostly from the major automakers and now they're real automobiles.  And Norwegians love them even more.

Source: NPR

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