Umm...This is not the track layout we were expecting to see, but at least it's not a big continuous oval.

Formula E Racer on the Track

Formula E Racer on the Track

Here's the layout for the track for the first-ever Formula E racing event, which will take place this September in Beijing, China.

As you can see, it's basically an odd-shaped rectangle with an extra turn or two.

It's a start.

The reason for this track layout is because Formula E only gets one day to occupy the city of Beijing and the course must be the least disruptive to public traffic.  The one day only means it has to be set up and taken down quickly, so the simpler the better.

All Formula E events will take place on temporary street circuits, but we hope that future venues feature more challenging track layouts.

Each Formula E team will field identical Spark-Renault SRT_01E racers:

  • 180 hp
  • Overboost feature to 270 hp
  • Top speed 150 mph
Two vehicles will be utilized by each team per race.  This eliminates the need for recharging during the race.

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