- OMG Did I hit him?

- OMG Did I hit him?

Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recently had the chance to try out the autonomous Renault ZOE NEXT TWO prototype, which aims to help free up some extra time for the average driver.

"The NEXT TWO prototype represents the first stage in the mobility of tomorrow with an original concept that combines high-speed connectivity with ceded control. In specific situations, where the driver can most benefit from the extra time, the vehicle drives itself. In traffic jams up to 30 km /h on the expressway for example, NEXT TWO frees up time for drivers by ingeniously sensing its environment."

When asked about what will the car of the future look like, Carlos Ghosn commented:

"Autonomous driving is the next step in advancing vehicle and road safety. Together, Renault and Nissan are working on complementary technologies that can predict, detect and prevent collisions. This more holistic approach promises maximum protection for people in and outside the car."


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