It's a classic "chicken or egg" scenario - does Bob Lutz seek out all the press within a 100 mile area, or does the press find him?

We Caught Up With VIA At Both The Detroit And LA Show This Year

We Caught Up With VIA At Both The Detroit And LA Show This Year

This latest tête-à-tête comes with British media giant, the BBC. (video below)

As the interview took place at the Detroit Auto Show 2014 NAIAS, the conversation centered around one of Bob's current projects - VIA Motors, and the extended range trucks and vans that are currently in production (a SUV will be manufactured later in the year).

The bulk of the interview with the BBC's Michelle Fleury focuses on the basics of what the extended range truck can do - namely up to 40 miles on pure electricity before switching over to a gas engine, but Mr. Lutz couldn't help but take a small poke at his previous creation with General Motors, the Chevrolet Volt.

"...the beauty of doing this with the trucks is that you are transforming a vehicle that normally gets in town 12 to maximum 14 MPG, and your taking that electric, which when you think about makes much more sense than electrifying a small car like the Volt - which would get about 35 MPG anyway"

As usual Bob does make a salient point that we actually agree with - however it does seem a touch ingenious coming from Mr. Lutz (as does using 'city' MPGs after a career of touting highway mileage on gas burners) after his steadfast promotion of the Volt as the best thing going for years when he was with GM.

Still, we hope VIA Motors finds success with their extended range workhorses - and convinces one of the major auto makers to follow suit.

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