Apparently affixing over 1,000lbs of European coinage to a Nissan LEAF was not enough for the Renault-Nissan empire of electric vehicles, because now they have stuck 23 kg (50 lbs) of macaroons to a Renault Twizy.

Renault says that the addition of 1,700 macaroons to their all electric city car continues the "partnership with the pastry chef Pierre Hermé."  We think it just gives the French automaker the chance to doing something really ... French.

Due to our need to "+1" every story no matter how ludicrous it is, we checked out the chef's online shop to see how much it would cost to embellish your own Renault Twizy with this many macaroons (less the 2 days of labor).

24 of the treats go for  €50.00 ($68) - meaning that 1,700 would cost you €3,540 ($4,840), or just about half of the starting price of Twizy itself (€6,990).


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