Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

As we reported earlier, in 2013 Renault sold 18,673 electric vehicles worldwide (including over 18,000 in Europe).

Interesting is that over half of this total - about 10,300 (55%) - was sold in France.

The highest ratio falls on Kangoo Z.E., which had 4,174 (about 71%) from 5,874 sold in its home country where production takes place.

In second place is Renault ZOE - 5,511 from 8,857 (over 62%) sold in France. And just 3,346 sold in rest of Europe.

Renault Twizy, with strong 599 from 3,025, had almost 20% of its sales in France, but this little vehicle had more sales in Germany in 2013. Last year 834 were delivered in Germany (almost 28% of total twizy sales). Italy was strong too with 436 units or over 14%.

The lowest ratio was the Fluence Z.E. with just 2% of total sales sold in France. 18 units from 917.

For Renault, there is a function of sales vs. production location. The farther from France production takes place, the lower the sales share seems to be in France. Fluence Z.E. was assembled in Turkey and Twizy in Spain. Both ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. are produced in France.

There of course could be other factors in play, but the production location of these vehicles, versus sales in France, seemed to stand out to us.

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