Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn took it upon himself (along with co-driver David Peilow) to prove that the Nissan LEAF can make the trek from London to Edinburgh (407 miles) in a reasonable amount of time at motorway speeds with the heat blasting in cold, rainy conditions.

This was no hypermiling experiment.

Instead, Llewellyn and Peilow set out to prove that the UK's ever-expanding network of public charging stations (particularly of the quick-charge CHAdeMO variety) could support regular travel over long distances in an EV.

The vehicle, a Mark2 (updated European version) Nissan LEAF, had no problems covering the 407 miles in just over 13 hours,  However, the Llewellyn jokingly says "bladder anxiety" was an issue.

Range anxiety?  No, there's was none of that on this trip.

Llewellyn Tweets Upon Completion of the LEAF Road Trip

Llewellyn Tweets Upon Completion of the LEAF Road Trip

As Llewellyn notes, this LEAF road trip was absolutely free thanks to the UK's network of free quick chargers.  However, Llewellyn posts:

"At average current UK daytime tariff of 14p per kWh, would be £17.02."

Here's a rundown of London to Edinburgh journey, as posted to Robert Llewellyn's blog (link below):

Nissan LEAF Grabs Some Juice

Nissan LEAF Grabs Some Juice

Our total mileage was 407 miles. The charge stops were as follows and at each one we were charging for 25 minutes or less.

Started in London with 19.61 kWh in the battery

  • 1st Charge Newport Pagnell 16.08 kWh
  • 2nd Charge Leicester Forrest East 15.9 kWh
  • 3rd Charge Tibshelf Services 14.8 kWh
  • 4th Charge Wooley Edge services 15 kWh (this one was not really neccessary, see notes)
  • 5th Charge Wetherby Services 10. 06 kWh
  • 6th Charge Aston Hotel 18.06 kWh
  • 7th Charge Hexham Leisure Centre 14.78 kWh
  • 8th Charge Newton St Boswells 16.9 kWh

A total kWh consumption of 121. 58 kWh

Source: LlewBlog