More good news for Tesla Motors in China today as the company has defeated what we consider to be a "trademark troll" that had been holding for ransom squatting on their brand name for years.

Tesla Model S Goes On Sales This Week In China From About $121,000 USD

Tesla Model S Goes On Sales This Week In China From About $121,000 USD

Previously, a Chinese resident trademarked the name Tesla in 12 different automotive categories  - hoping one day to make a big score if the Californian automaker decided to come to China.

It turned out that he actually could have made some decent money off Tesla, as the company offered him over $300,000 for the rights back; an offer that was refused with the hopes to get more out of the company.

As it happened, Tesla drew a line in the sand right there and refused to negotiate further - instead registering itself as Tuosule Auto Sales Co. Ltd.,while it continued to fight to get its name back in Chinese courts.

Thankfully we can now report (through Reuters) that Tesla has won a court decision over the use of its iconic name, which is actually to be known as "Te Si La" to Chinese consumers.

"We went to court and we won.  The court has given use right to use the name, which is why you see the Chinese name in our store now." - Veronica Wu, vice president of Tesla's China operations

Separately when asked if Tesla had future plans on actually building electric cars in China, Ms. Wu said they current had "no plans" yet, but...

"Right now we are not considering (that) as yet...The most important task right now, now that we have announced our pricing strategy, is to focus on getting the right car and making sure we have the right service network, and making sure the Chinese customer is happy," she said. "Happy customers are the best advocate of your product, right?"

Tesla aims to sell "30 to 35" percent of all international sales to China in 2014 - which might better help us to understand the company's decision this week to price the Model S so aggressively in that country.


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