What this video put out by Kman Auto shows is an impromptu Supercharged road trip to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Superchargers From Milwaukee to Detroit

Superchargers From Milwaukee to Detroit

"Mash-up of my Impromptu road trip to the Detroit 2014 International Auto Show. This was a last minute virtually no planning road trip..."

With more Superchargers coming only, these last-minute trips will become increasingly common for Model S owners.

Soon, there won't be a need to plan for multi-hour charging stops.

By the end of 2015, when Superchargers dot the entire nation, Model S owners will just hit the road without a though as to where they'll be able to find a charger.

As Kman Auto notes:

"We attempted to do the entire trip including charging and being at the show, and get back home to Milwaukee in under 24 hours. Would have made it if it wasn't for 2 blizzards."

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