Nick Rufford, the Sunday Times Driving editor explores the west coast of California in a Model S.

Along the way he utilizes not just Tesla's Supercharging Network, but also takes advantage of the car's 17" touch screen connect to PlugShare's "Good Samaritan" app that points you in the direct of other EV owners who make their own residential L2 outlets available for those in need of a quick boost.

Mr. Rufford seemed duly impressed with both the car and the infrastructure on his 500 mile trip to Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto.

"The charging points I tried worked well. Buellton, home to the nearest supercharger, gave me a 100-mile charge in less than 15 minutes."

The UK reviewer is also quick to point out that although the price of the Tesla Model S is quite steep compared to other plug-in cars, he feels it is enough of a game changer to be a force to reckon with across the world;  not unlike another Silicon Valley company of note - Apple.

(Also, check out the full written review at the Sunday Times Driving portal)

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