Tesla Model S owner Bjorn Nyland tests out the vampire drain "issue" with the Model S.

In this video, Bjorn leaves his Model S 85-kWh for 27 days in the cold.

Upon exiting the Model S, Bjorn notes there's 90% charge.  On returning, the battery displays a cold reading of 70% charge.

This amounts to a loss of less than 1% per day, which basically dispels the myth of the Model S chugging down electrons while in sleep mode.

Over the course of 27 days, Nyland's Model S went from 347 km of charge to 246 km.

As Nyland states:

"Average temperature outside ranged from +2°C to -2°C. But as you can see, the temperature was +8°C inside the parking lot. That was because the parking lot was undergoing repairs and was heated up."

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