One of the first Nissan LEAF owners is a Buddhist priest named Mr. Wasei Hirai.

In this video, you'll see Mr. Hirai travel back in time in his LEAF as he visits a 750 year old temple in Tokyo, Japan.

“It is profound that Nissan LEAF sales have reached 100,000 units."

Natural beauty and history are very important for me, but I often drive a car because it is necessary for life. That is why I have chosen 100% zero emission Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF driven by electricity produces zero emissions, no sound, and no vibration. That new type of driving car attracted me."

“Surprisingly, the innovative aspect of the Nissan LEAF matches this old temple quite naturally. So, I believe that such a temple should take the initiative to propose messages about the environment and a way of living."

But this comment by Mr. Hirai is the one that grabbed our attention:

"I think the day will come that whenever people think of a car, it will be an electric car."

That day is coming.  Hopefully, it gets here soon.

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